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Release notes 1.33


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One of the most substantial updates to PVcase this year introducing tracker exports to PVsyst and significant changes to both fixed-tilt and tracker table generation for a better layout design process.

Tracker export to PVsyst - for the past few months we've been working closely with PVsyst to develop a custom format between the two software which will allow to transfer tracker designs to PVsyst's near shading scene (version 7.0 and up) for yield estimation. This will also contain custom tracking parameters and information already preset inside PVcase.

Fixed-tilt line based generation this is one of the biggest changes for fixed-tilt generation in a long time. To cover these changes - let's look a bit closer.

From now on for fixed-tilt generation instead of only being be able to align tables left or right of an area you'll be able to draw a line for generation which will allow for an easier way to maximize your areas potential with ease.

PVcase will also memorize the line that you drew for the area so you don't need to keep redrawing every single time.

You can also adjust the vertices of the line by hovering over the polyline's vertex and using add vertex/remove vertex functions.

And one more important point is the ability to generate tables from the bottom of an area. Based on the drawing direction of your line PVcase will generate tables either top to bottom or bottom to top.

For more information on how to work with these lines click on the button below:

Tracker line alignment improvement - fixed-tilt tables were not the only ones who got improvements for generation. We're also introducing long awaited improvements to tracker line generation.

Most likely the very first visible improvement is that the line for trackers can now also be multi-vertex which will allow to better handle changing boundaries for an area while still keeping rows aligned at parts of the area.

As with fixed-tilt - the line that is drawn for an area will now be memorized.

Adapt to terrain keep strings and devices - in order to save time when site grading is done for a project that already has electrical design we're allowing for electrical design to be kept after adapting tables to the new terrain.

Note: Don't forget to move the devices and harness connectors along with the tables.

Bill of materials interface overhaul - we're changing the way bill of materials looks and what information is displayed. The table will now show what information will be exported and also will show overview information for the entire project without needing to export.

Bill of materials export improvements - the excel export for bill of materials will now include general information and also the active layout information table along with counts for different tables.


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