Release notes 1.35


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With this release we're focusing on improving the usability of the software along with resolving a lot of technical issues.

Notable changes:

  • Centralized drawing integrity checking - a lot of older projects that were modified while PVcase was turned off have faulty tables and other objects. We've added an integrity checker with which you can resolve these issues so that there are no more problems with a certain DWG down the road.

  • Feature voting and suggestion portal - we've added a button inside the AutoCAD ribbon which will now take you to our feature voting portal. While there you can look at what we're considering to work on and have your say. Also, if you're in the middle of a project and notice a cool addition - hop on over there and submit your idea!

  • Piling coordinates with custom UCS - seeing that a lot of users run into changing the WCS to a custom UCS we'll now be supporting this change of the coordinate system with our piling information so that when you have a custom UCS set the piling export will reflect this.

  • Bill of materials improvements - electrical system object counts are now back in the bill of materials XLSX export so that you can easily feed these into your financial analysis.

  • Smaller changes for a better user experience along with lots of bug fixing.


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