Release notes 1.36


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The main addition for this release is an improved layout generation experience when faced with a large-scale fixed-tilt project utilizing the new aligned rows setting.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed-tilt aligned rows generation (without terrain) - with this setting we're addressing the struggle of getting a good starting point for a design when there are restriction zones in areas. Aligning rows makes sense when you have a large site with a lot of restrictions and favor a well ordered layout instead of maximizing capacity.

  • Improvements to faulty frame indication - we've improved faulty frame indication by automatically resolving certain issues so you don't run into the integrity checker too often.

  • Freezing or thawing layers for optimized frames - the optimized frames checkbox will now react to manually frozen or thawed layers so there's less hassle handling this setting.

  • Cross-section naming saving per DWG - cross section naming is now saved per DWG so when switching between active projects and doing section or front-views the naming is separate.

  • Lots of smaller changes to improve general user experience.

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