Release notes 1.38


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This is the second release where we focus on improving the quality of life for anyone struggling with large scale projects in AutoCAD. We've improved the way PVcase freezes objects so now you can freeze areas you're not working with to improve CAD performance.

  • Improved layout information table freezing - we've changed the way freezing of PVcase objects works through the layout information. This will allow you to freeze any areas that you're not currently using and substantially increase AutoCAD's performance when working with large scale projects.

  • Automatic transfer of strings and numbers - tables that had electrical design generated on them will now automatically transfer strings and their numbering when you move them using AutoCAD commands so you don't need to reassign the frames each time. This will only work for designs done without terrain.

  • Separate layer for string polarity symbols - the plus and minus symbols on strings are only there for indicative purposes and don't serve any use if you're well aware of where your strings start and end. You can now simply freeze this layer to save some CAD resources and reduce lag.

  • Technical changes to custom piling - piling customization for tables was presenting a substantial amount of problems when distances wouldn't match up with a datasheet or importing presets wouldn't import the custom piling for them.

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