Release notes 1.40


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We're adding a spread of highly requested smaller features to PVcase that cover a wide range of the software.

Notable changes:

  • Terrain mesh north and south slope differentiation - we've split up the terrain mesh north-south direction type into two separate slope directions so you're able to identify north facing slopes easier and save time that takes for the initial slope analysis of a project.

  • Restriction zone drawing using mesh slopes - part of the slope analysis process is drawing up restriction zones. To save time we've automated that process so you can select a starting slope value in the terrain mesh window and restriction zones will be generated for that value and all slopes that are higher in value.

  • Select cables running to device through overview tab - troubleshooting cabling and figuring out where certain cables run is now easier as you can select a device and PVcase will select all of the cables running to it.

  • Layout information window resizing - we've enabled the window resizing of the layout information window so that it doesn't take up so much useful space on the monitor.

  • Moving layout information capacity column - you can now move the capacity column in the layout information window.

  • Layout information area numbering change - from now on PV areas will be numbered top to bottom and left to right based on each area's geometric center. This way the selection over multiple areas will always produce the same order in the layout information window.

Notable bug fixing:

  • Resolved the problem of presets changing their naming.

  • Improved speed of table reassignment to area after moving tables.

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