Release notes 2.2


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The main changes to this release revolve around east-west table layout design introducing a more flexible approach using line generation.

Notable changes:

  • East-west table line generation - we're happy to finally uniform the table generation of E-W with other frame types. This allows for more customizability and a more streamlined workflow.

  • Terrain mesh North-South option - we're adding an option to check for both north and south slopes at the same time in order to quicker evaluate potential land use.

  • XREF terrain limited to clipped boundary - using XREF terrain is somewhat of a best practice when it comes to handling huge terrain files. PVcase will now only read the clipped boundary of an XREF terrain thus increasing the terrain loading speed and also reducing the DWG size substantially. Please note that if you increase the clipped boundary you need to reselect the terrain.

  • Feedback and bug reporting form - we wanted to make the communications between you and the team at PVcase more straightforward. Thus, we added a feedback form which you can use to suggest small improvements to PVcase and also report if something isn't working properly. We'll also be adding the ability to attach a DWG in an upcoming release.

  • Shading analysis projection mapping speed increase by 30%.

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