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Release notes 2.9


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Introducing major changes to collision analysis along with some other user experience improvements.

Tracker collision analysis changes - for tracker collision analysis the main aspect that was changed was the indication for hills and ditches underneath a table. PVcase will now check a clearance distance from table to ground and not size of hill or ditch. With this change you can now set a required clearance distance and if any tables are too close to the terrain simply elevate them using adapt to terrain thus resolving the problem.

Piling range : Show details - we've also improved the way show details works when you're analyzing by piling range. From now on, clicking on Show details will populate tables with pole lengths. This is a similar functionality to Pole numbering only it does not contain the numbering sequence and also indicates text objects in red for piling that is out of range.

Note: Using piling information or Show details will override each other. (Show details will remove Piling information texts and vice versa)

Fixed-tilt collision analysis changes - fixed-tilt tables will now also have a clearance distance check as do trackers but also a piling range analysis. You can set your required pole lengths for the first and last pole of a fixed-tilt system and indicate tables that go out of range for both of these.

Fixed-tilt pole length preview - so that it's easier to understand valid pole lengths for fixed-tilt tables we've changed the park settings tab to reflect actual pole locations and length of poles in regards to any changes made via custom piling and table tilt angle.

Multiple road polyline selection - you can now select multiple center polylines for road drawing and don't need to go one by one.

Expand button for stringing window - grabbing that corner of the UI window is sometimes a nuisance. We've added an expand button to make it a bit easier to live with.

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