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Release Notes 2.11


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Written by Guy Atherton / PVcase
Updated over a week ago

We have some helpful updates to the user flow this week.

Pre-selection is an AutoCAD feature that allows you to pick the object first and then run a command. Now, PVcase also supports this feature. First make sure the AutoCAD feature is enabled (PICKFIRST=1) and now you can use PVcase to choose objects first, like with the other AutoCAD commands. But don't worry, the PVcase commands also still work in the old way, too. Try it out!

Electrical design has been improved with a new transformer station definition method. If you don't have a transformer station block made already, you can create it after hitting generate. Right-click, then select "draw block". Draw your transformer station rectangle, and it will be saved as a block and assigned as the transformer station for your following string selection.

When using civil analysis, distances are now shown as absolute distances, not relative. This means that when you choose "show details" you will always see the relevant distance from PV module to ground, as shown in the picture below:

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