Release Notes 2.17B

Terrain and Azimuth Improvements

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Terrain Mesh for Absolute Slope

The slope of the terrain can be measured in any direction now. That means you can see the slope of the terrain from high to the low point, regardless of whether the slope is facing north, south, east, or west, or something in between - literally any direction. This could be useful, for example, when doing the first assessment of the terrain and you want to get an overview of the slope. Or, you may want to try out a different azimuth, which does not fall into the standard compass directions... In this case, you should check out the next new feature, too!


Under Terrain Mesh, choose the Slope Direction "Any direction".


Generate the Terrain Mesh as before. You can modify the slopes and colors of the mesh, add Offsets, Export the Legend, just like you are already used to.

Draw Azimuth

Up until now, if you wanted to change the direction that the PV faces, the Azimuth had to be manually entered in the Park Settings tab. This could lead to some annoyance as you would have to measure the angle in model space, write it down, and copy it into the Azimuth input. Not anymore! Just hit the "Draw" button, and you can mark in model space exactly how you want the azimuth. This allows you to quickly and easily line up the frames along a field boundary, a road, or whatever else you need to use as a reference.


Under Frame and Park Settings, Park Settings, Azimuth, and "Draw".


Hit "Draw" and click in the model space for the start and end of the azimuth line, like drawing a normal line. The behavior is slightly different for Fixed Tilt, Trackers and East West frame types, but you can see the results in the preview visualization before you do the generation.

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