Release Notes 2.15

Festivus Poles

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Pole Adjustment Fixed Tilt

Just in time for the Festive Season, the updated custom pole placement options are now available on Fixed Tilt systems, too. Does that make it a Festivus pole? If so, please use the Submit Feedback for your Airing of Grievances.

We heard your suggestions about inputting poles on the framework settings tab. To make things easier, we have introduced the “evenly” option. This distributes the poles evenly along the length of the frame. The margins can still be adjusted.

  • Equal Margins – both overhangs will be the same. This makes it easier to distribute the poles evenly, and still end up with the correct overhangs on both ends of the table.

  • Where: this change can be found on the Framework & Park Settings tab, under Frame Creation / Custom Piling for Fixed Tilt systems.

  • How: just tick the box and you will see the fields below change. The fields will be greyed out and filled automatically depending on your selection.

Topography Loading Bar

Solar farms are getting bigger, and that means the topography is too. We have taken some steps to increase the speed of topography import on large sites, and we also want to make it clear to you how long this process takes. The loading bar will show how much longer you will have to wait before you can get on with the design.

Where: this loading bar will appear when you select terrain objects and PVcase imports the terrain information. This can be in the Layout Generation Tab, or in any other command which prompts for terrain selection.

How: just run terrain selection and you will see the loading bar straight away. Sometimes for a really quick import, the loading bar won’t have time to appear. That just means you need to test PVcase in Feats of Strength and import a really big terrain.

Speed and Performance Increase

After completing the electrical design, some users noticed a performance decrease, particularly with moving and copying PVcase objects. Thanks for this feedback! We were able to optimize the electrical design data so that these commands again behave in the right way.

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