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High Voltage

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High Voltage Cabling

Since the beginning of time, PVcase users have been asking – that’s great, but can it do HV cabling?

Today, this question can be answered positively. You can now add HV cabling between the Grid Connection and your Transformer Stations.

The cabling tab, electrical overview, and BOM export have been updated for this new feature.


This change can be found on the Electrical Design tab, under Cabling.


Click on HV cabling and select from direct cabling or the ring main option. First, select your Grid Connection substation block, then click on the Transformer Stations in the order that you would like them to be connected. For the Ring option, the final Transformer Station will loop back to the Grid Connection to complete the ring. To remove the cables and start again, click Remove and then the Grid Connection for which you would like to re-cable. The HV cable follows the selected trench line, the same as for the existing AC and DC cable types. Pro Tip: select a separate trench line for your HV cables, so it doesn’t get tangled up with your LV AC and DC cables.

Electrical Devices for Trackers – Row Clustering

The electrical devices can now be clustered on the chosen rows, as you can already do for Fixed Tilt designs. This allows you to have greater control over the selection of the device placement location.


In Electrical Design, under Electrical Devices, click the Placement Type dropdown and select the “Row Clustering” option.


Select the frames on which you would like to place the devices. When doing the automatic generation, the devices will only be placed on the selected frames.

Selection Improvements

You can now draw the alignment line in Electrical Design, just like you can in Generate Area. Makes sense, right?


In Electrical Design, whenever you are prompted to select an alignment line, you can now hit escape (or right-click), and draw the alignment line whilst still in the command. This means you now no longer need to have an alignment line prepared before you start the electrical design process.

One More Thing…

Have you missed “Align by Motor”? In our last release, we included this function for tracker placement. It allows the trackers to be aligned by the motor position, rather than the ends of the trackers.


In Park Settings, under Inter-row Settings, select “Align by Row” and then “Align by Motor” to enable this method of alignment. Next, generate your field or adapt to terrain on an existing layout, to align the trackers by the motor location.

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