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Centralised String Inverters

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Centralized String Inverters

The concept of centralized string inverters is a compromise between Central Inverters and String Inverters. Place all the string inverters together in a centralized location, usually quite close to the low voltage distribution/transformer, and utilize longer DC string connections for distribution. There are advantages to space-saving and maintenance time with this approach.


In Electrical Design, under the Electrical Devices tab.


Choose a System Type with String Inverters. On the dropdown for Placement Type, choose "Centralized" and select the polyline boundary of your inverter enclosure. Then run device generation as normal. The devices will be arranged according to the order defined in the Numbering tab. They will be placed in a row, spilling over into the next one once the row is full. If the area becomes full, devices will follow the pattern set by the last row until finished.

AC combiner for Trackers

The other framework types have had an advantage up to now - they work with AC combiners. Now this option has been introduced for Trackers, too.

In Electrical Design under the Electrical devices tab, choose System Type with AC Combiner.


The operation should be familiar to the other frame types. AC combiners will be placed along with the String Inverters according to your chosen placement type.

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