Release Notes 2.19

Design Transformers and HV first

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Select HV first

Have you ever started your design, and just wanted to get a quick overview of the transformer positioning? Sometimes you don't want or need to create a full electrical design. Now it is possible with PVcase Ground Mount. This flexibility allows you to start designing how you prefer - from the top down, or the bottom up.


In Electrical Design, under Cabling.


You don't need any fields, topography or even PV, to get started with the HV design. Select the trench line for the HV cabling. Next, select HV Cabling, and designate the Grid Connection and Transformers as per the normal HV Cabling process. The Grid Connection and Transformers are now shown on the Electrical Overview, and can be later matched to the Electrical Devices (Inverters, Combiners etc.).

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