Release Notes 2.20

Framework Preset Colouring

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Choose a unique color for each Framework Preset

Things are about to get colorful — just in time for spring in the northern hemisphere. Each Framework Preset can now have its own color. In a design with multiple Presets in the same field, it will be easier to tell them apart.


In Frame & park settings, open the Placement setup tab. The colored boxes on the right of each Preset indicate the chosen color. If you do not make a choice, it will default to various soothing shades of blue, like before.


Click on the colored box to open the color selection window. The chosen colors are shown in the preview. Make your choice and see it reflected in the preview. Hit OK, and generate your field as normal. The Frames will be colored according to the choices you made.
Alternatively, select Frame(s) and right-click, go to the PVcase menu and Swap Preset. The chosen colors will be respected when the new Frame is placed.

When DC string cabling jumps over a motor or joint gap, an extension will be calculated

In order to increase the accuracy of our bill of materials, we have added some extra functionality for string cabling calculation. When the DC cables cross over a motor gap or joint gap, the PV module cables will not be long enough to bridge the space. A DC cable extension is now calculated in the gap.

The change works for all stringing types (including custom), so you can get to work straight away. The changes are reflected in the BOM on the DC cables page:

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