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Release Notes 2.22

Trial User Tutorials and GCR%

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Release Notes tell you what’s new in PVcase Ground Mount.

As always, we welcome your feedback and are here to help if you have any questions.

Ground Coverage Ratio

The Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR) compares the ground area covered by PV to the total ground area of the site. When creating the initial design, the GCR is useful for comparing different versions of the PV layout, to take into account efficient coverage of the available ground area.

There are some different ways of calculating GCR; ours is taking into account the ground area. Our calculation compares the ground area covered by PV (the horizontal part) to the field area. We don't take roads, exclusion areas, or shading into consideration in the available area calculation, just the PV field boundary. We tried to keep it simple. If you think there's a better method to calculate it, let us know.


Under Layout information, on the main table.


Click the Customize columns button (the little cog at the top right of the table) and select GCR. A new column appears in the table showing the GCR % for each PV area.

Tutorial for Trial Users

We understand you are busy solar engineers and don't have much time outside of your main work priorities. That's why, when trying out the Ground Mount software for the first time, we want to quickly and clearly show you the possibilities of using our software, by taking you straight to the parts of the Ground Mount tool that are relevant for your workflow.

As a Trial user, when you first log into Ground Mount, you will be presented with a small window. Don't close it! This Tutorial will introduce you to the key components of Ground Mount in only 10 minutes. After a quick PV generation, you can check out the functionality of our PV design and shading, Electrical design, or Terrain analysis functions. If you have time, perform all three! Not enough time? Just close the window - your progress will be saved. You can pick it up again whenever you have a moment.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and comments.


Trial users will see a Tutorial button on the ribbon to open and close the Tutorial window at any time.


Follow the steps and learn how to use the many functions of the Ground Mount tool.

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