Roof preparation

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Roof modeling

- 3D roof Creation [Video]
- Obstacles on the roof and shading analysis [Video]

Building Preparation

This article will cover the steps to be taken to prepare roofs for posterior module layout creation. This includes the following:

  • Location settings

  • Roof modeling

  • Shading object placement

  • Safety path creation

Location settings

As a first step, the roof location can be defined in Set location by introducing the coordinates or by clicking on the globe icon, which allows to either move around the embedded map and place a pinpoint for the location or to search for the general location with the text field search.

Shading object placement

The Object creation menu allows placing all kinds of shading objects on and near the roof.

Once the object type is selected, the dimensions and offset zones can be completely customized. The offsets will prevent the software from placing modules in certain zones. By clicking on Add object, it can be dragged into the drawing.

Trees and other Buildings belong to objects near the roof:

Safety paths

If there is a need for a safety path, it can easily be created by clicking on Safety path in the ribbon and assigning the width of the path itself and its offset. To finalize the process, select a previously created polyline or press ESC to draw one, and then Enter.

When creating the layout, the safety path and its offset will stay free of modules.

Once the roof is prepared, it's time to create the layout. The steps can be consulted in the following article:

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