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Dual-row option for single-axis trackers

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Dual-row trackers

Many of you have asked for help to lay out dual-row type single-axis trackers in your designs. Since the dual-row system consists of two trackers joined by a mechanical linkage, this means a different way of placing the frames in the layout, constrained by the properties of the linkage. We also needed to make sure that the frames would be placed according to the limitations defined by the structure suppliers.

After a lot of work we have come up with a simple implementation of the dual-row system which you can apply at the start of generation.


Under Frame and park settings, go the Frame creation tab. Choose or create a Single-axis tracker type frame. Under Frame parameters, enable the checkbox "Dual-row trackers". Open the Settings box for more options.


In the Settings you can change which frame has the motor (left or right), as well as specify the angles allow between the frames in two planes:

  1. Maximum angle north-south - this is the difference in slope angle allowed between the two frames in the north-south direction.

  2. Maximum angle east-west - this is the difference in slope angle allowed between the two frames in the east-west direction.

Now when you generate, the Field will be filled with single-axis trackers arranged already in a dual-row pattern.

Frames that don't meet the constraints will be marked in red.

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