Release Notes 2.25

Dual Row Trackers custom piling update

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Custom piling update for Dual Row trackers

Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to make another update to the Dual Row trackers functionality. The two frames which make up the Dual Row system, can have different piling layouts. This functionality has now been implemented in this release.


Under Frame and park settings, go to the Frame creation tab. Choose or create a Single-axis tracker type frame. Under Frame parameters, enable the checkbox "Dual-row trackers". Press “Custom piling” button at the bottom of the window.


In custom piling window, you can choose which frame to edit - with or without motor.

Centralized string inverters for fixed-tilt frames

We have also added a centralized string inverter option for fixed-tilt frames.


In Electrical Design, under the Electrical Devices tab.


Choose a System Type with String Inverters. On the dropdown for Placement Type, choose "Centralized" and select the polyline boundary of your inverter enclosure. Then run device generation as usual. The devices will be arranged according to the order defined in the Numbering tab. They will be placed in a row, spilling over into the next one, once the row is full. If the area becomes full, devices will follow the pattern set by the last row until finished.

Spot levels data added to BOM

Now you can export spot levels data from ground grading into Bill of Materials (BOM).


You can export BOM by going to Layout information settings, Bill of Material tab and pressing the “Export to XLSX” button.


Perform ground grading according to your needs and activate spot levels in surface comparison section. Now you can see spot levels data in BOM sheet after exporting it.

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