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Shading objects

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Shading Objects

Recently we asked some PV engineers what shading objects they would like to see in Ground Mount. The answers were pretty clear, so we got to work, adding:

  • Pine tree

  • Wind turbine

  • Electricity pylon

These objects are configurable to get them to the right shape and size. You can also rotate the Wind turbine and Electricity pylon, so that they are facing in the right direction.

The objects will also export to PVSYST and PVcase Yield, so that it will work correctly for your calculations too.


On the PVcase ribbon, click on Shading objects, and then click the Object dropdown.


Add the object by clicking in the modelspace. If you have terrain, the object will be placed automatically on top of it. You can rotate the objects by using the AutoCAD rotate function.

Shading lines can be calculate as normal, by running Shading analysis and selecting the shading objects. Speaking of which...

Shading Lines

We also learned that most of our PV engineers wanted a change to the calculation of Shading analysis. Now, the shading lines for all objects (PV frames, trees, stations and the new objects), will be calculated on the "PVcase Shading Line" layer.


On the PVcase ribbon, click on Shading analysis.


Input your shading settings, select your shading objects, and run the shading analysis. The shading lines will all be on the same layer.

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