Release Notes 0.3

Clearing Modules from PVarea, Change strings

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In this release we provide the following updates:

  • Turn off the Roof Mount plugin possibility.

  • Clearing Modules from selected PVarea.

    If you'd like to delete modules from the specific PVarea, it is possible to do with two clicks. Firstly, right-click on the edge of the PVarea, choose PVcase RM, and then click on 'Clear PV area'.

  • When Semi-Automated or Automated Stringing is done, the user can correct it and see the modules' count.

    You need to snap on the string, grab the vertex and drag it where you want to place it. Then, snap on the module that you want to connect to the string or move back to reduce the string's length.

  • Other fixes related to Layout Generation.

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