Release Notes 2.28

Further improvements to cabling

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To help you get even more out of cabling, we are making some more updates.

Improve cabling behavior near the transformer / central inverter

There were some unexpected problems when trying to do HV cabling around transformer stations / central inverter blocks. We rewrote the cabling algorithm to get these HV cables to behave better. Give it a try and see if it is working better for you now.


Under Electrical Design, Cabling, HV Design.


Run HV cabling from the grid connection point to the Transformers or Central inverters. The cable should follow the trench lines correctly now.

New in 2.28.2

  1. Duplicate custom string presets. Like with frame presets, you can now duplicate an existing Custom stringing preset.

  2. Increase Reference height lowest point to 10m for Agri PV.

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