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Release Notes 1.0

Roof Builder

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  • Complex roof preparation.

    In order to be able to create various realistic rooftops for the PV rooftop designs, now it is possible to do by using the 'Roof builder':

  • Draw or Pick the roof.

    In order to start using the roof builder, you need to set up the building height (top right corner), and then, 'Draw roof' or 'Pick roof' from the .dwg. When drawing the roof, the software will give the polyline to line up the rooftop borders. Please make sure that it is a closed polyline. If the outlines of the roof were already drawn using polylines, rectangles, or other objects, then the user needs to click 'Pick roof' and mark the wanted object. When the user is done drawing or picking the roof, it is needed to click 'enter' to accomplish the command.

  • More detailed pieces of training on rooftop preparation can be found here:
    - 3D roof Creation [Video]
    - Obstacles on the roof and shading analysis [Video]

    - How to set up settings for your Layout [Video]

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