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Color coding

We will now explore the Color Coding menu and how it may help with your projects.

Color coding is accessible in the Electrical Design window, navigating using the tab row.

Here we can see several rows with different colors present - each row is to be used for a different transformer or central inverter.

The first of these rows will be used for the first central inverter or transformer and so on - they may loop around. To have more diverse coloring we may add a string color by clicking on the plus sign or adding more rows by clicking Add row.

The color that is on the far right, slightly away from the rest would be used for hatches in Substation zone coloring.

We may also change these colors to whatever suits our project's needs or just randomize them by clicking on the Randomize colors button.

There are two Color coding types in PVcase:

  • Substation zone coloring

  • String level coloring

We will start with Substation zone coloring. Having selected the mode from the drop-down menu, we click on the Color button, and we are then prompted to select the transformers or central inverts which we want to highlight. Having done so, we press Space or Enter on the keyboard. Now we can see that our drawing has hatches that enclose the boundaries of the frames that are connected to the same transformer or central inverter.

If we were to choose String-level coloring, we are again presented with the prompt to select our transformer or central inverter. Having done so, we press Space or Enter on the keyboard. This time, we can see that our strings were colored to highlight the strings that belong to the same string inverter or DC combiner.

Additional options

We may remove String level coloring or Substation zone coloring by pressing Remove coloring and choosing the inverter or transformer station. Having done so, press Space or Enter on the keyboard.

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