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Electrical single line diagram

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Single line diagram

PVcase has had electrical design for a long time, so it is about time we got around to producing an SLD for you. The SLD (single line diagram for non-electrical types) is a schematic showing the layout of all electrical components on the PV farm. As it is a time-consuming and error-prone task, it was ripe for coverage in the Ground Mount tool. The SLD includes device labels, counts, and cable lengths from String to Transformer. We are still working on a separate implementation of the HV SLD.


Do an electrical design as usual. Then under Electrical devices, in the Overview, click on SLD. This will export an SLD of the whole PV farm.


You can also export a reduced SLD for a specific component. On the Overview, right-click on a component to generate the SLD for that device only.

East West tables with V shape

Some users requested an update allowing the East West system to be configured in a V shape. This enables more design flexibility.


Under Frame and Park settings, Frame creation.


Under the tilt angle, enter a minus (-) before the value to create a V shape.

Minor Updates

  • Ground Grading for Imperial Units changed to yd³.

  • Export Ground grading topography data to a CSV file using the command PVCASEGGPOINTS. This data can be imported into another tool like Civil3d.

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