Release Notes 1.12

Layout settings, Stringing enhancement, Induction loop, Cable extensions, SLD (Single Line Diagram)

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In this release:

  • Previews for Layout settings

In order to better understand Layout settings, new previews are available for the user. They will show the user what he is changing in a real-time.

  • Stringing enhancement

In order to connect as many modules as possible to the strings, now the user is able to choose the 'Snake' stringing type in the Stringing tab in the 'Type' dropdown. The logic behind it is that software is connecting into strings as many as possible modules in the marked area based on the criteria - the number of modules and selected pattern. If the system sees that there is no possibility to connect the required amount of modules in the string following the 'Snake' type, then it searches for 'Single row' or 'U-string' possibilities.

  • Avoid Induction loop

A check box for avoiding the induction loop has been introduced to connect strings to the inverter without creating any induction loop. It can be found in the 'Cabling' tab.

  • Cable extensions

In order to understand the additional cable which will be needed in addition to the total string cable length. The software identifies the location where the remanufactured cable won't be enough and adds an extension mark in the drawing. Then, it calculates the total extensions needed as well adds it into BOM.

  • SLD (Single Line Diagram)

PVcase Roof Mount introduced an SLD (Single Line Diagram). The SLD is a schematic showing the layout of all electrical components on the rooftop PV projects. The SLD includes labels, modules per string, inverters, MPPT connections, and cable lengths from String to Inverter. SLD button can be found in the 'Cabling' tab. When the electrical is done, the user should simply click on the SLD button and then click the cursor where he wants to place the SLD itself.

NOTE: You can also tweak the SLD to your liking with ease. If you want to break down a part of the diagram, just select it, right-click, go to 'Group', and click 'Ungroup'.

After this, you can use the 'Move' command. If you need to make other changes, just double-click on the part you want to edit and rewrite it as you wish.

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