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Roof builder

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In this release:

  • Setting distances between corridors

The user can define distances on the roof between corridors as shown below. In the Layout settings, when choosing Spacing settings, you need to click on 'Distance' under the corridors settings. The final step is to define the value of the Rows and Columns.

  • Expanding roof builder complexity

Users now can create much more complex rooftops to place their PV systems. The main point here is to use a ridge when defining any particularity of the roof.

Firstly, you need to define the roof lines (drawing the roof with the roof builder or picking the roof from the drawing), then add the ridge (all the lines that will be going higher or lower than the roof's edges). Below is an example of a four-sloped roof. The rectangle was drawn simply with autoCAD's rectangle command. Then, from the PVcase Roof builder command 'Pick roof' was used (to make sure that PVcase RM recognizes it and to define the height of the roof). Thirdly, in order to determine four existing slopes of the roof, the button 'Add ridge' is clicked on. It will ask you to choose the roof that you want to work with (since you might have more than one roof ready to work on) and click enter. Also, you need to set the height of the ridge in the command line/pointer (if you do not know all the heights of all the ridges yet, you can just draw them with the default value first). After all the ridges are ready, you can 'Assign slope' or 'Assign height' from the roof builder window to the ridges or edges that are on the roof. Below in the example, the highest point to the roof is 15 meters and they are added by using 'Asing height' to the middle ridge. Everything else's is calculated automatically.

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