Release Notes 2.34
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Export Terrain Points

If you would like to import the Ground Mount terrain into another tool for further work, this update is for you.

When Ground Mount reads your terrain data, it creates a point database that is used for all calculations in the tool. When you run Ground grading, it is also used for creating the "proposed" terrain, which you can visualize in the Heat map and Spot levels. This full database can now be exported into a CSV file with format X, Y, Z. The data is exported according to the CAD coordinates.


Under Civil analysis, choose the Ground grading tab.


Select the desired terrain. "Existing" is the unmodified terrain that you imported for PV plant generation. "Proposed" is the terrain after Ground grading has taken place.

Batch Tree Update

Block objects are now considered more realistic with our new Batch tree update. The width of the batch-created trees will scale to the block size. The height of the tree is still taken from the text object. In this way, you have a tree that respects both the block object and the elevation data in your survey. Try it out!

Under Shading Objects, select a Tree. Click on Batch Create.


The flow is the same as before. Select the block object of the tree, followed by the elevation text object. PVcase will populate 3d tree objects, ready for export to Yield or PVSYST.

Add single strings to Electrical designs with Harness

We have added more flexibility to DC Harness systems. You requested the ability to add single strings to a Harness system, as sometimes, there would be odd numbers of strings left over, and these would have no possibility of connection to the DC combiner or IPC.

Now we have made it possible to add a single string, even while using the Harness type system, which means you can use all available strings in the PV area.


Under Electrical Design, choose a System type with Harnesses. Choose Semi-auto generate.


Select only one string and press enter. You will see the following message:

Click Yes to continue.

Alternatively, you can right-click on an unassigned string in the model space and click "connect to a device." Now select a DC Combiner box to connect a single string without harness.

Minor Updates

  • We identified a problem with the PVC file being exported to PVSYST when using terrain-following trackers. The correction avoids collision errors when importing to PVSYST.

  • The Heatmap now shows the correct units on the legend table.

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