Release Notes 1.18

Inverted E-W system, Enhanced MPPTs and Connections Management

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In this release:

  • Inverted E-W system

What: We have introduced the Inverted E-W system, starting from the upper side, which allows users to align the layout in accordance with specific safety regulations in different countries.

How: To utilize the Inverted E-W system, simply navigate to the 'Layout settings' and select 'Reverse E-W' from the 'Layout type' dropdown. Once selected, click 'Place modules' to apply the changes to your layout. This feature enhances flexibility and compliance with regional safety standards.

  • Enhanced MPPTs and Connections Management

What: We have now made it easier for users to customize the MPPT's (Maximum Power Point Tracking) per inverter and Inputs per MPPT's parameters for specific inverters.

How: In the MPPT's settings, you will find two new buttons: 'Update {inverter_name}' and 'Update all.'

  1. 'Update {inverter_name}' button will appear when a single inverter is selected, allowing users to modify parameters exclusively for that inverter. Additionally, the selector for MPPT's per inverter will dynamically update its name to 'MPPT's per {selected_inverter_name},' providing clarity during settings adjustments.

  2. For improved visualization, an icon and MPPT settings numbers will be displayed in the inverter card, helping users identify the parameters set for different inverters at a glance.

  3. The 'Update all' button facilitates global changes, enabling users to apply the current MPPT settings to all inverters at once.

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