Release Notes 1.20

Alignment line, MPPT enhancements

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In this release:

1. Alignment line enhancements

What: Interactive Alignment Line Editing


  • Prompt for the user: When creating or modifying an alignment, you will now be prompted to "Specify the first point of the alignment line." This streamlines the alignment creation process.

  • Dynamic Alignment Line Modification: Users can now make real-time adjustments to the alignment line by simply clicking on it. This provides a more intuitive and efficient way to customize the alignment to your project's needs. Once adjustments are made, simply press "Enter," and the layout will be re-generated, reflecting the changes.

  • To evoke the alignment line, mark PV area and right-click. It will ask you to draw the alignment line.

2. MPPT enhancements

What: Possibility to change software decision on MPPT: Move and add MPPT connection


  • Now, on the string modal, you'll find a "Move" button. This button allows you to effortlessly relocate a string to a different inverter or MPPT input.

Streamlined String Movement:

  • When you click the "Move" button, a dialog opens, offering you a selection of where you want to move the string.

  • After configuring your preferences and clicking "Change," the selected strings swap positions with each other.

  • Changed strings are marked with a green dot, making it clear which strings have been relocated.

Inverter Status Indication:

  • If the strings are moved to different inverters, the receiving inverter will flash orange, indicating a change in its configuration.

Effortless Label Updates:

  • String labeling remains intact after rearranging them. However, we've added a button that allows you to update the labeling according to numerical logic.

  • Hover over this button to see a tooltip that explains its purpose: "This will update the string labels based on numerical logic after changing their positions."

Convenient String Addition:

  • You can now select any string from the drawing when clicking "Add string" on an empty string card, simplifying the process of adding strings to your layout.

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