Release Notes 1.21


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In this release:

1. Optimizers

What: Introducing new Electrical device - Optimizers


In the electrical design, within the 'Stringing' tab, you'll find a checkbox that allows for the inclusion of optimizers in the strings. Optimizers are incorporated when the user designates the module group or PV area to be covered by the strings. If the user checks the box and selects specific modules for stringing, optimizers will be added to those strings. Conversely, if the user unchecks the box, the strings will be added without optimizers.

Currently, optimizers are added only for every second module.

2. Default settings update

What: The current default settings will be modified to better align with the settings actually in use, making them more convenient:

  • Set location in settings: Map view → Aerial

  • Offset for each object at least → 1 m

  • Layout Type→ East-West System

  • Tilt Angle → 5 degrees

  • Align row → Enabled

  • Spacing: a. Rows: 0.25 m b. Columns: 0.04 m

  • Corridor pattern: a. Rows: 10 b. Columns: 8

  • Corridor gaps: a. Vertical: 1.2 m b. Horizontal: 1.2 m

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