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Anderson Optimization (AO) & PVcase integration
Anderson Optimization (AO) & PVcase integration

AO, anderson optimization

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With excitement, PVcase team would like to introduce the direct integration between the two platforms to streamline your development design process. This integration will help users increase time efficiency and design accuracy as the process takes away much of the manual work that would potentially contain human and data errors.

Exporting sites from AO to PVcase

The users will be able to export AO parcels in the KML format using the Export to PVcase option.

With sites where the slope was analyzed in the Buildable Area Analysis, AO provides users with an option to export high resolution terrain data by enabling Export Terrain Data selection (this is turned ON by default). Users have the option to export up to 30 parcels with topographic data (steps to perform buildable area analysis)

The users should keep the exported file as a .zip file, without “Extract all”. The file contains a .KML file and a .TIF file (only available with sites that previously performed slope buildable area analysis).

Importing sites to PVcase

The users must make sure that the units selected are matched between the AutoCAD file and PVcase

Starting from PVcase version, users will have the option to import AO data in PVcase.

After importing

Once the .zip file is imported, PVcase will automatically detect the project location. PVcase selected the geolocation pin as the left-most intersected point of the PVcase Parcel Boundary lines. The user can bypass the geolocation setting steps, or adjust the location pin accordingly.

If users performed slope buildable analysis within AO prior and exported with the terrain data, PVcase will automatically use AO terrain data and will be displayed in the layout generation setting as PVcase GeoTIFF Terrain.

If the user did not perform the slope buildable analysis within AO, they will have an option to obtain the terrain data via PVcase Online Import Terrain, select the user’s provided terrain data, or without topographic data. The user can then continue their design workflow as normal.

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