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Layout comparison and BOM
Layout comparison and BOM

Layout information, layout comparison, BOM

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Layout comparison

Once the layout has been generated, you'll probably want to determine its capacity. You can access this information through the Layout Information menu. If you find the obtained information unsatisfactory, you have the option to modify the arrangement and regenerate it. After making these adjustments, you can review the history of generated layouts and regenerate them according to your preferences. This tool proves highly beneficial for comparing various layout capacities and seamlessly switching between them to assess how well they fit on the roof and which result you might expect.

Exporting the Layout (BoM)

To capture all the details of your layout, consider exporting the Bill of Materials to an XLSX file. The exported file will consist of two distinct sheets: 1) Project Overview and 2) Electrical Information.

In the Project Overview sheet, you will encounter a summary of key parameters, including total capacity by PV area, module quantity, module placement type by PV area, number of strings, cable length, and cable tray.

Meanwhile, the Electrical Information sheet will provide comprehensive details related to the electrical design for each inverter. This includes various DC cable segments such as module cables, extension cables, total cable length for each string, as well as positive and negative cables leading to the inverters.

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