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Release Notes 1.24

Export to PVsyst

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In this release:

1. Exporting to PVsyst

What: Introducing export to PVsyst that allows users to customize their export preferences when sending data to PVsyst.

Module or Group Selection: Users now have the flexibility to choose between exporting data by individual modules or by groups.


  • When initiating the export process, click on the 'Export' button. A prompt will appear, asking, "Should we export to PVsyst by individual modules or by groups of modules?". Choose the preferred export method by clicking either the 'Modules' or 'Groups' button.

  • This enhancement offers a more tailored export experience, empowering users to optimize their workflow based on their specific project requirements.

2. 'Shading Layer' Separation

What: Improved Layer Separation- in this release, shading information is now distinctively separated from the PVcase offsets layer within AutoCAD.


Shading Layer: A dedicated layer is now available for shading elements, providing clarity and ease of management in the AutoCAD environment.

Layer Organization: Shading components are now positioned independently, ensuring they are visually separate from the PVcase offsets layer on the AutoCAD layers palette.

This refinement optimizes the AutoCAD workspace, facilitating a more intuitive and streamlined experience in handling shading elements and PVcase offsets.

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