Release Notes 1.29

Retrieve shading loss & in-plane irradiation data from PVcase Yield for your projects right in AutoCAD with PVcase Roof Mount

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In this release (1.29):

  • Retrieve your project's shading loss & yearly in-plane irradiation data from PVcase Yield directly in AutoCAD with PVcase Roof Mount

  • Shade free generation is no longer supported in version 1.29 and later

Shading loss & yearly in-plane irradiation

With the 1.29 release, you can easily analyze your design using the shading loss and yearly in-plane irradiation data from PVcase Yield within our Roof Mount product. You can make informed decisions with greater confidence by identifying which solar modules will yield optimal performance and which are adversely affected by the shading of the roof and surrounding objects.

Currently, we offer 10 data analysis runs per user every 24 hours and support analysis for designs of up to 20,000 modules. You can run the analysis for:

  • Flat South layouts

  • East-West layouts (on flat roofs only)

  • Reverse East-West layouts (on flat roofs only)

  • Flush Mount layouts

What data can be retrieved from PVcase Yield?

Shading loss (%) shows the annual loss of irradiation on the module surface due to shading from nearby objects represented in your Roof Mount project, for example, other modules, parts of the roof, roof objects, other buildings, or trees.

Yearly in-Plane irradiation (kWh/m²) shows the annual irradiation that reaches the module surface considering site location and its TMY irradiation data, transposition gain, horizon shading, near shading, and reflection (IAM) losses.

How to access this feature?

Go to the "Shading analysis" tab and set your project's location coordinates.

Click the "Run irradiance analysis" button.

Wait a moment for PVcase Yield to analyze and retrieve the data. In the meantime, you can minimize the loading dialog and continue working on your design. Please note that any changes made to the drawing during data retrieval will not be reflected in the results.

💡Irradiation and shading loss simulations performed in PVcase Roof Mount use the advanced, 3D ray tracing-based algorithms implemented by PVcase Yield. Designs done in PVcase Roof Mount are sent to the cloud computing environment of PVcase Yield, where simulations are performed at hourly timesteps and aggregated into annual results. Annual irradiation and shading losses on each module are binned into 20 different groups, which can be visualized on the PVcase Roof Mount interface.

When the data is retrieved, you can select PV area(s) that you'd like to display the data for.

Toggle between the "Yearly shading loss" and "Yearly in-plane irradiation" tabs to switch between the data views.

  • In the "Yearly shading loss" (%) and "Yearly in-plane irradiation" (kWh/m²) sections, you can display or hide the values and choose the color gradient of your project.

To understand which panels are not in the desired range, use the filter functionality to simplify the view. Quickly delete the modules that do not meet the ideal standard with one click by clicking the "Delete modules in this range" button.

If you have multiple PV areas, you can use the "Select different PV area(s)" button to switch data display for different areas.

If you have made changes to your drawing and would like to re-analyze it, click the "Run new irradiance analysis" button to rerun process.

Additional updates

  • Shade-free generation is no longer supported in 1.29 and later versions of Roof Mount

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