[Video] How to create 3D roofs

Short tutorial on the basics of roof creation: import image, creating UCS, building roofs with ridge lines

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To get a quick start on Roof Mount's roof builder, watch the video and learn how to:

0:27 Import Satellite image

  • Use our built in tool to get a snapshot of your project site and start building the roof.

0:57 Draw boundaries

  • Use polylines to identify the boundaries of your project building.

1:20 Set up UCS

  • Learn how to set up User Coordinate System to set up the optimal view for your project and optimize your workflow.

1:44 Create a 3D roof shape

  • Select a 2D object and add object height to turn it into a 3D roof

2:00 Add the ridge line with example

  • See how to build sloped roofs by maximizing Add Ridge functionality or with the Assign Slope functionality

2:56 Example with a roof with cut edge

  • Learn to build more complex roofs with our Add Ridge and Assign Slope functionalities

If you have any more questions on how to build your project roof, reach out to our Support team!

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