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[Video] How to create 3D obstacles
[Video] How to create 3D obstacles

Learn how to add shading objects on the roof and near the roof

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Watch the tutorial to learn how to quickly set up your roof and surrounding objects with Roof Mount:

0:14 Obstacle options

  • We have various default obstacles available for you to choose from to speed up your roof set up process.

0:20 Two ways to add obstacles

  • Add roof obstacles by either using the Add Object functionality or by using Pick from DWG. Pick from DWG gives you the flexibility to create your own unique roof objects and set up restriction zones quickly.

2:25 Add parapet

  • Set up your building's sloped or horizontal parapets with our Parapet tool and set restriction zones around it.

3:18 Elements near the roof

  • Create shading objects around the project building, such as trees or buildings, with our Near the Roof functionality. The buildings created with this feature is solely for the purpose of acting as shading objects; these buildings will not be usable to place modules.

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