Release Notes 2.41

Ground Mount Update

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In this release, Ground Mount has introduced some great updates to improve the already existing functions, and a new detailed view!

Capacity Iteration options

We added the options for the Spacing mode, making it easier to run Iteration based on the inputs you want to use.

Now you can choose to iterate between:

  • Pitch

  • Inner spacing

  • Shading angle

  • GCR.

Covered Area Measurement

If you want to calculate some areas manually, the PV covered area can now be displayed in the Layout Information tab. You can access this column by clicking on the settings cog.

How does the new "Covered Area" fit in with our other area measurements?

"Area coverage %" = "Covered Area" / "Area"

All three of these measurements are now available as columns in the Layout Information tab.

Frame Setout View

The Frame Setout View shows the setout of the poles in ideal conditions, without any terrain. This information can be useful for setting out the pole locations in the field, and also to check the positioning of the poles relative to each other.

To access the feature, select Frame Setout under the View dropdown. Then select a frame from the PV area you are interested in. Afterwards, you can place the View of this frame in the Modelspace, just like our other View features.

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