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How to use cabling and color coding tools:

  1. To begin using the cabling tool you must have a PV area generated with electrcial devices placed.
  2. Draw the trenchlines for the cabling.

    The trenchline should be drawn near the alignment side of your PV area. In this example it is drawn besides the road & connecting to the substation. The actual drawing is done by drawing a simple polyline. The trenchlines are highlighted in blue:

Important! All trench lines has to be connected with snaps (vertexes). You can’t place one polyline on each other:

3. Automatic DC cabling.

Go to the Cabling tab in Electrical design and the first thing is to select your current PV areas with current devices. Then select your trenchlines by pressing on Select trenchlines. You can select multipe trenchlines or just one.

For automatic DC cabling press Auto DC Cabling and select the PV area;
For automatic AC cabling press Auto AC Cabling and select the PV area. 

After the generation the software creates DC cabling polylines going from the equipment to the positive and negative signs of the strings. Each string has its own DC cable.

The trench polyline can be composed of mutliple polylines - just remember to select the ones that are actual to your devices.

5. Color coding PV areas.

To color code the PV area you must first open up the Color coding tab in the Electrical design window. 

Each row of colors represents different substations/central inverters. This means that the 1st row of colors will be used for the 1st substation's devices. The color located next to the row of colors is the substation color used for substation hatch later on.

There are 2 options of color coding :
a) Substation zone coloring;
b) String level coloring.

a - Color by substation/central inverter zones will draw up a hatch on top of frames that belong to the same substation/central inverter:

b - Color by lowest tier device would mean color coding strings based on devices. For instance inverters, string combiner boxes:

You are also able to remove coloring for PV areas or hide modules for an easier look:

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