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This article will cover steps to be taken to add color indications in regards to electrical device connections.

Color coding

To color code the PV area device connections open up the Color coding tab in the Electrical design window. 

Each row of colors represents different transformers/central inverters. This means that the 1st row of colors will be used for the 1st transformer's/central inverter's devices. The color located next to the row of colors is the substation color used for substation hatch later on.

There are 2 options for color coding:

  1. Substation zone coloring;

  2. String level coloring.

Substation zone coloring

Color by substation / central inverter zones will draw up a hatch on top of frames that belong to the same substation/central inverter:

String level coloring

String level coloring is used to indicate which strings belong to the same device.
For instance inverters, string combiner boxes:

Additional options

You are also able to remove coloring for PV areas or hide modules for an easier look:

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