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Contour line conversion

This tool is used to create height measurement numbers on topographical contour height lines.

After pressing on the Contour line conversion button you have to select any contour line which has either topographical measurements or elevation.

Next step is to select any text which is showing the height points or press ESC to use the polyline's elevation parameter.

Then enter the distance between height points (mm). Meaning the difference from one generated height number to the other one along the polyline.

Finally select Y ( Y - yes) or N ( N - no ) if the selected polylines are divided between height points. (Usually No)

Important things to note:

  • If you have more than one layer or different parameter contour lines, the software will only pick up one type. After doing the iteration for one layer/type of contour line you must then proceed to do this with the other lines,
  • If you have a topographical survey done that includes both height points & contour lines it is best to have all of these coordinates on the same layer (For instance PVcase coordinates) and then select them when generating layouts.
  • If a polyline doesn't have topographical measurements or the measurements are generated incorrectly you can use the contour lines' elevation. 

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