Release date: 03/07/2018

New features & additions:

  • Reworked terrain height finding. Now it subdivides points for faster access and tries to approximate out-of-bounds heights if defined points are too far for precise measure. This increased the generation speed by 23.3%.
  • Created a new command FramePreview to disable frame & park preview in the settings tab. This command fixes AutoCAD crash when opening Frame & Park Settings
  • PV areas selected during multiple generation are now locked to prevent clicking on the same area twice.
  • PV areas are also locked while using Area capacity iteration during a new PV area selection process to indicate selection of areas.
  • New parameter Minimum row spacing can be found in the Frame & park settings. When this parameter's box is left unchecked the software places frames disregarding minimum inner row to row spacing where there is no shading. This feature should be used when there is an uphill situation to maximize capacity at no shading loss cost.
  • New About button has been added. You can use this to check the release notes of every new release. All of the release notes can be found at our help center.
  • Due to ongoing development of a new electrical equipment placement approach we removed the Select leftovers button. Leftovers are now generated automatically.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where frames were stringed incorrectly.
  • Fixed “Area capacity iteration” crash when canceling during “Multiple generation”.
  • Fixed generation with difficult topography and minimum spacing disabled.
  • Fixed various parameters in "Frame & Park Settings" not being updated correctly. Actual values used in drawing were correct. 

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