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The export consists of 3D frames, 3D trees, 3D topography mesh, 3D fence.

  1. Save your drawing and press Export to DWG button:

After pressing Export DWG button, select the location for the exportation and .DWG file will be saved. After a successful export a new window is opened.


  • For this tool to work drawing must be freshly saved before using the tool.
  • .DWG files can be opened using  SketchUP software.

How to import .dae format to SketchUP software:

1. Open SketchUP and select Import... tool.
2. Press Options... and select units - 'Millimeters' or you can leave as 'Model units'.
3. On the right side corner change type to  AutoCAD Files (.dwg, *dxf) format and select your exported .dwg file.
4. Click close in Import Results window.

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