Release date: 18/07/2018

A rework of the electrical design has begun. We want to allow for fully overridable electrical equipment placement. Meaning, when the software fully automates the whole eletrical design for a PV area you can always have a semi-auto approach and quickly change anything you don't find optimal. This allows to save immense amounts of time and can be applicable to any engineering team.

A few changes that are now live:

  • “Electrical equipment” now allows to choose same substation for different PV areas. 
  • Added “Remove equipment” feature in “Electrical equipment”. This feature should be used along with the newly added "Semi-auto generate" feature. As they both allow for the user to change certain electrical design parts that were done by the software automatically.
  • By enabling the user to do fixes to the electrical design done by PVcase we also created a feature that should be used after the custom designs. The "Rearrange" button is used to regenerate the equipment placement and numbering after having used the "Remove equipment" & "Semi-auto generate".
  • Changed the half-frame stringing coloring. Now all half frames are fully colored rather than by module string.
  • Disabled the option to choose amount of modules and strings per frame. You can now only use completely strung frames. We will deliver a solution to make the stringing for any framing fully customizable during the summer.

Changes to other features:

  • Implemented compatibility for point data topography.
  • Improved the accuracy of frame generation.
  • “Area capacity iteration” will now always generate new frames after a successful iteration. Also, the selected PV areas are now memorized by the software so you don't have to reselect them. To reset the PV area selection click the Reset selection button.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash with locked layers.
  • Fixed cabling crash.
  • Fixed restriction zones still being active even if their layer was hidden.
  • Fixed “Layers”  ribbon not appearing in AutoCAD MEP.
  • Fixed rare bug with first generation row placement.
  • Fixed cross sections drawing in areas with negative elevation.
  • Fixed “Electrical equipment” crash when selected clustering by row.
  • Fixed “Rows & Pitch” displaying error.
  • Fixed “Area info” pitch display error.
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