Release date: 31/07/2018

Rework of the electrical design is now almost done. A few features have been tweaked in this update for full functionality.

The current work-scope for the last improvements of electrical equipment include Semi-auto generation in multiple PV areas as well as a fully custom approach to string design on a frame.

We're also working on tracker development & automated BOM exports.

Main changes & additional features:

  • New feature for electrical equipment - Switch substation. This feature allows you to change the substation for equipment groups after you've generated the equipment for the entire area & want to split it into multiple substations or central inverters.
  • You can now easily clear the information in the PV area information window using the "Clear PV areas" button.
  • An additional input now appears when you uncheck the "Minimum row spacing" checkbox in Frame & Park settings. The "Minimum spacing between rows, mm" input allows you to specify the minimum distance even when the shading angle becomes 0 in very steep inclination PV areas.
  • Removed the Advanced checkbox in Frame & Park settings. We saw that users usually enable this checkbox so there's no need for it.

Smaller changes & fixes:

  • Text changes.
  • Added different layers for AC cabling.
  • Updated Electrical equipment rearrange functionality.
  • Updated Electrical equipment devices generation to generate in multiple PV areas at the same time.
  • Fixed Electrical equipment substations copying issue.
  • Fixed few bugs with Electrical equipment numbering.
  • Fixed Electrical equipment Semi-auto generation placing inverters instead of inverter combiners or string combiners.
  • Fixed string numbering for half-frames with odd amounts of columns between pairs.
  • Fixed a few cabling issues.
  • Fixed rare case of heights being removed when removing poles coordinates.
  • Fixed shading lines in steep topography.
  • Fixed some trench elevation issues.
  • Fixed Multiple generation not being able to add half frame as first block of the area.
  • Fixed Multiple generation infinite looping problem.
  • Fixed Adapt to terrain slightly moving starting point of the row.
  • Removed Advanced option in Frame & Park settings.

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