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Semi-auto approach for custom electrical design.

After generating the electrical design with the full-auto approach we can evaluate whether the output of the software is optimal for us. If there are some parts of the electrical design that were done automatically and are sub-par there are 2 ways we can change this:

  1. Use the semi-auto tool from the beginning to address connections that will need to be done by manual indication.
  2. Use the remove equipment, semi-auto generate & renumber tools to fix certain connections after the full auto generation.

Let's have a look at the first option:

I have a simple area that I generated using the Auto generate feature. It provided me with this result based on my inputs & I color coded to see the result easier.

For some reason I wish to connect the upper frames (hatched in blue - see picture below) with each other rather than have it connected vertically.

For this I must remove devices and remove coloring from the area to get a clean PV area for electrical device placement.

If you do not want to delete all electrical devices, try second option below: 

Then I proceed to connect these two pairs like so:

  • Click on Semi-auto generate to first generate the equipment for my selected frames (frames hatched in blue - see picture above)

    1. Select the substation of these frames.
    2. Select the frames that you want to connect with each other and hit Space or Enter.
    3. After this PVcase places the electrical device block object, creates numbering (This numbering will be regenerated after you're done to be in line with the area's string numbering order.)
    4. Afterwards, when I'm done selecting the frames I will hit ESC and tell the software to generate the rest of the area automatically for me. (I can also choose to do the entire area by hand if I don't hit ESC)

After I do the color coding you can see that I switched the electrical equipment placement for only those frames & achieved the result I needed relatively easily.

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