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In the first part we covered how to fix electrical connections before generating the devices for the entire PV area. In this part we will look at how to fix the string & equipment connections after generating the entire area.

We will be using the remove equipment, semi-auto generate to fix certain issues after the full auto generation.

Here I have a simple PV area as in part one. I generated the electrical equipment placement using the Auto generate feature. It provided me with this result based on my inputs & I color coded to asses the result more easily (see picture below).

As in the first part I would like to change this setup by connecting one of the upper yellow frames with one of the upper orange frames (see picture below).

To change the connection of these frames I will do the following procedure (visual example below):

  • Click on the Remove equipment button & select the frames I want to fix. This removes the numbering & inverters for these frames and leaves them open for reconnection with the semi-auto generate.
  • Use the Semi-auto generate tool to connect the frames that I want to be connected together.
  • Use Renumber to adjust numbering in accordance to PV area.

Now these frames are connected with each-other and what was left unconnected was done with the automatic algorithm.

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