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In this tutorial we will discuss steps to be taken in order to reach the required kWp capacity in the selected PV areas.

There are two ways to use this tool:

  1. Reaching a certain capacity by iterating the distance between the tables/trackers.
  2. Using area capacity iteration as generation feature.

Reaching a certain capacity by iterating the distance between the tables/trackers:

Before using this feature, Layout, Frame & Park settings must be set. Those parameters will be used for the capacity iteration. If you wish to learn more about this concept - click below:

🛈 To learn more about Layout, Frame & Park settings, click below:

Area capacity iteration settings

Area selection

Here you can select the PV areas which you want to iterate. Depending on your areas placement, use select Single area or Multiple areas generation areas. The iteration tool will memorize the selection of the areas and you won't need to re-select it.

🛈 Select single generation area - select the PV areas that should be generated using the single area generation algorithm.

🛈 Select multiple generation areas - using this selection will generate PV areas using the multiple area generation algorithm which will keep the same row-alignment between the selected areas.

Iteration parameters

The iteration process can be used to determine precise shading limit angle, pitch or row spacing to reach your capacity. It depends on which iteration option you select. 

  • Iterate by - you can select 1 of 3 options below:

Then you have to set up the range for the iteration process:

  • Start - the first starting distance;
  • Stop - the final distance;
  • Pitch /Row spacing/Shading limit angle step - this value will be used between the start ant stop inputs to provide the correct distance to achieve your proffered capacity.

🛈 Pitch /Row spacing/Shading limit angle step - the smaller the step, more iterations will be done and it will take more time.

Using area capacity iteration as generation feature:

As mentioned before, the Area capacity iteration tool locks PV area generation and alignment choices. This is great for instance when you have 30 PV areas and you're doing comparison options of different modules or framing. Because you don't have to re-select all of the areas as you would using the simple generations.

Activating the generation function

Next to the Pitch step, there is a question mark icon, which indicates you, that:
If you enter a pitch step of 0 PVcase will generate using only the Start inputs.

This means that at any point you can go to the Frame & park settings to change your framing and just hit iterate again to rerun the iterations with the same areas but with different framing.

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