Release date: 05/09/2018

We have now finished up 2D single-axis trackers. They're now available to our Early Adopters. This week we're starting work on terrain based 3D topography based trackers. They will also be available to our Early Adopters at no extra cost.

While working on tracker support we've neglected fixed-tilt framing but are now coming back to it with some features. For fixed tilts we're planning to deliver the following in the upcoming month:

  • Ability to create your own framing library to quickly switch between presets.
  • Save project settings and transfer them between your team along with the .DWG.
  • Multiple types of framing for one PV area to maximize capacity and work better with complex terrain.
  • Custom stringing on any type of frame where you can draw up your own string and not select a stringing method. For instance, doing single row & u-strings on a single frame.
  • Customizable string numbering format.

Other features to be developed soon:

  • Topography mesh turned into a single surface to optimize working with large site surveys. You can then turn off all of the other layers and optimize your AutoCAD.
  • BOM exports to CSV format.

Main changes & additional features:

  • PV area information visual rework - we've tweaked the display of PV areas. There's now a scroll bar to scroll through multiple selected PV areas. We've also added alternative coloring to information lines for easier distinguishment.
  • Area capacity iteration - if you input a pitch step of 0 milimeters or meters then PVcase will only use the Start inputs for the iteration. This is extremely useful for when you have a substantial amount of areas and want to run multiple generations with different framings. Since you don't have to reselect all of the areas after you change framing it is an extreme time-saver. 

For more information on this please review our new tutorial on area capacity iteration.

  • We have also turned off the Cancel button for the area capacity iterations. This was done so that when you run the iterations and switch over to another program the prompts of iterations will not pop-up and you won't accidentally cancel the generation. We will be moving the entire generation inside the UI window so that there are absolutely no prompts for the capacity iterations as well as the single/multiple area generations.

Bug fixes & smaller changes:

  • Tree shading fixes to be able to work with increased shading angles.
  • Connection between seperate UI windows for responsiveness when changes happen in one window.
  • Half-frame numbering fixes.
  • Electrical equipment now only allows for string amount divisional equipment inputs to prevent from mis-inputs.
  • Other electrical equipment placement & input fixes.
  • Stringing now strings entire frames irregardless of the visual frame in the UI.
  • Cables going from string combiners to central inverters are now on the DC cable layer.
  • Input tabs are now selected as a whole after using Tab.
  • Contour line conversion now displays heights at 0.001 precision.
  • Exporting to sketchup rotates the PV park to face south (or north if north hemisphere is unchecked in the parameters). 

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