Release date: 18/09/2018

While our Early Adopters are testing single-axis trackers we're delivering changes to fixed tilt systems. For the progress update for single-axis trackers please contact us individually.

Main changes & additional features:

  • String frames & string PV area now seperated into two buttons for easier use.
  • When you export to PVsyst the PV face & tree materials are now named accordingly.
  • Color coding can now be removed by area and not for the entire drawing.
  • Incorrect unit warning window - this is prompted when you have considerably large or small inputs in your parameters. For instance you misentered your parameters in milimeters but your project is in meters. This window is prompted by a number of different actions.
  • Tree shading generation - from now on once you have tree shading generated you can change the shading angle parameters and PVcase will delete the old shading offsets and generate new ones.
  • Electrical equipment calculation is no longer approximated. For instance, if you have strings that don't split up evenly into inverters the software will point this out by leaving the decimal part.
  • A preliminary Bill of Materials window can be found in Layout information. This initial BOM will be split up into areas. The XLSX export ¬†will be built on more so that you can create a detailed BOM that would extract all of the data. For instance, substations & and their inverters along with cable lengths, inverters to string cable length & etc.

Bug fixes & smaller changes:

  • Module width is now accounted for when displaying frame height.
  • New about window.
  • Restriction area overlapping the PV area fix.
  • Crash fixes when using area capacity iteration, converting to DAE.
  • Electrical equipment is now placed on the last stringed frame of that row.
  • Topography mesh optimization.
  • Topography mesh restricted to the survey area.
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