Release date: 10/10/2018

With this new release we're introducing some major improvements for both fixed tilts & trackers.

We have enabled a new license manager for our users. If you're currently using PVcase you will receive a separate email with login information to our customer platform. In there you can activate/deactivate your licenses, keep track of them, download new releases and so forth.

Main changes & additional features:

  • New piling generation
    Separated the generation of indicative poles from the generation of frames. This was done to allow for each pole to be custom sized based on the terrain and go into a depth of 1 meter into the ground. You can generate your framing and then go to Layout generation parameters to generate piling. We highly recommend generating the piling only when you need to but work with frame placement without the piling generated.
  • Detailed BOM exports to XLSX
    Created the feature to export your project information along with all cabling lengths organized from master to slave device. You can choose to export certain PV areas or the entire drawing. A preview of the output can be seen here:
  • Contour lines are now accepted as topography indicative objects. You have to simply click on the line and the software will scan the entire drawing for them. Also, you can now select multiple types of topographical objects for increased precision. For instance if you have a site survey with height points and contour lines as well.
  • Added a "Clear color" button to clear selected color in the color coding tab. You can now use only a certain amount of colors for coding. For instance, only 2 (whereas before PVcase would use all colors)
  • Improved the precision of frame spacing between columns. Now frames on inclined terrain will be positioned much closer and will result in a more efficient use of space.
  • PVcase will now indicate copied areas with red color when the prompt appears  for copied areas.
  • Frame height output now consider the thickness of modules
  • If you're generating on a meter site survey and have milimeter units selected (or vice versa) PVcase will put out a prompt saying that it will switch the units for you.
  • Text changes.

Tracker specific improvements:

  • While working on 3D trackers we've improved the alignment of 2D tracker generation. You can now choose from:

    - Auto generation - to fill the maximum capacity while keeping the center motors of trackers in one line.
    - Side alignment  - to align the trackers to a certain side. This also will take into account to generate to the upper or bottom part of your PV area. In this example below I chose the left-down quarter.
  • Line alignment - you can draw a line and align your trackers to it while also choosing the starting point of your generation.
  • Other improvements for tracker generation will follow with the full release of 3D tracker generation.
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